My buyer clients, Maria and Greg, just closed on this charming condo in the heart of Manzanita! This one was pretty straight forward. Until their loan became hung up in underwriting. Instead of extending close for a day, the buyers had to sign, fund, and record on the same day. What made this one interesting was that schedules and signing locally didn’t align.

So, I did what any experienced broker would do. I drove to their signing 2 hours away and back with the signed docs in order for escrow to be able to record on time. This is when it is critical to use an experienced Broker who knows when to stand out and go beyond to get it done.⁠ I also want to give a big THANK YOU to the escrow officer, Sara Thurston and Jenni Townsend for rallying and getting this closed on time.⁠

List Price: $469,000
Sold Price: $445,000
First Street
Manzanita, OR 97130
3 Bed | 2.1 Baths
1,404 SF



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